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CBD Agrocasa is the largest and most important producer of CBD in Europe.

Since our inception in early 2019, we have focused our efforts on producing the highest quality, authentic European CBD products to Pharma-Grade EU GMP certified standard.

Why is CBD Agrocasa the most important producer of CBD Oils in Europe?

We are a 100% vertically integrated company and therefore are able to maintain tight control over all aspects of our operations: grows, processing, production and products.

1. We grow local strains from the EU Plant Variety database. Our crops are grown in Organic Farms, iconic for the growth and harvesting of hemp. CBD Agrocasa has the largest managed grow operations of Hemp within Europe with a harvest in excess of 4,000 ha. in 2020, and the potential to scale to 30,000 ha. in the next 10 years.

2. We process our crops in house in our EU GAP, ISO registered facilities with 20 production lines that can process 194 metric tonnes of dried biomass per 24 hour cycle.

3. We manufacture under EU GMP Certification in our Supercritical CO² & Ultrasonic Cannabis Extraction facility, the largest of its kind. Using acoustic cavitation combined with a state-of-the art Graphene and Zeolite filtration system we will produce approximately 24,000 liters of concentrated CBD Oils from this seasons harvest, HACCP compliant and Novelty Food registered.


4. We test for Quality Control in a fully equipped EU GLP Laboratory for the most precise formulation of our products. Our 3rd party purity measurement and concentration guarantee is provided by Cromatec Plus.

Our quality is exceptional and there are very few companies in Europe that can prove to be 100% European.

Only now have we begun offering access to a privileged product portfolio for pharmacy and physician white labels.


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